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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#304 update feisty meow kona jars used task blocker feistymeow-kona
#347 wildmutt currently cannot run with groups enabled bug blocker fred-sims
#357 fix makedep on windows Fred T. Hamster bug blocker feistymeow-scripts
#305 rolling uptime is borked bug major feistymeow-nucleus
#351 reorder menu in menutini script refactoring major huffware
#359 kona build missing in feisty meow build process bug major feistymeow-kona
#292 splitter fudges ellipses bug minor milestone3: cook down feisty meow bugs feistymeow-nucleus
#296 marks checker should annotate bad links in output file bug minor feistymeow-bookmarks
#297 bookmark generator should include counts new-feature minor feistymeow-bookmarks
#298 marks checker self documenting help is missing app name bug minor feistymeow-bookmarks
#299 marks checker reads whole file first, doesn't need to bug minor feistymeow-bookmarks
#301 bookmarks database format revision could support descriptions on sections and even links new-feature minor feistymeow-bookmarks
#303 missing indentation in generated bookmarks at least for chrome bug minor feistymeow-bookmarks
#306 clam documentation has broken links and odd behavior bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#307 feisty meow documentation still referring to msys bug minor feistymeow-nucleus
#309 report on feisty meow site that antique code bases are available bug minor feistymeow-nucleus
#311 create static configuration files for feisty meow build config refactoring minor feistymeow-scripts
#312 cromp packet structural changes refactoring minor feistymeow-octopus
#313 improve cromp thread usage by implementing a feisty meow thread pool bug minor feistymeow-octopus
#314 need web pretty printing for presenting code on web sites new-feature minor
#315 need recursive delete functionality in feisty meow c++ new-feature minor feistymeow-nucleus
#316 ethread pre-delay before fire could be useful new-feature minor feistymeow-nucleus
#317 need raw blast mode in cromp bug minor feistymeow-octopus
#318 get octopus tests fixed up (tests_octopus) bug minor feistymeow-octopus
#319 don't use finalizables in kona (java) code refactoring minor feistymeow-kona
#320 feisty meow cannot be easily installed system wide refactoring minor feistymeow-experimental
#321 add recursion to summing dir script bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#322 consider deepening snarfs a level, to add an outer directory shell bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#323 gruntose remote control is broken bug minor
#324 make unpack use spacem logic, to reduce code repetition bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#325 need title refresh after screen commands also bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#327 rev control tools should take multiple parmeters bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#328 archive tools should take multiple parameters also (just like rev ctrl) bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#329 save variables and aliases to file plus support unloading feisty meow scripts environment bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#330 splitter could support ad hoc text entry, to split what it's given on cmd line bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#331 create a process watcher script new-feature minor feistymeow-scripts
#332 need generalized function for hide output unless error new-feature minor feistymeow-scripts
#333 need automated updater for ubuntu new-feature minor feistymeow-scripts
#334 script for reporting files in same dirs which are same name except case new-feature minor feistymeow-scripts
#335 fix where rc files go during the build refactoring minor feistymeow-scripts
#336 nice feisty meow build error reporting scheme refactoring minor feistymeow-scripts
#337 revision control tools, like rev_update, should not see .tmp dir refactoring minor feistymeow-scripts
#338 need a script that finds missing classdefs in feisty c++ code new-feature minor feistymeow-scripts
#339 poor configuration for entity data bin size allowances bug minor feistymeow-octopus
#340 entity data bin, and other backing stores, should be able to page out to disk new-feature minor feistymeow-octopus
#341 huffpet nav code is annoying refactoring minor huffware
#342 original sounds used for beachballs, to fix in wildmutt opensim supposedly bug minor eepaw-shop
#343 cool physics test idea: breaking object new-feature minor huffware
#344 check drivable spaceships; are they using the force mouse look code? task minor eepaw-shop
#345 opensim issue-- still seeing huff pet unable to jaunt bug minor huffware
#346 serene teleporter obj in eepaw shop box is busted bug minor eepaw-shop
#348 better source code publishing for huffware scripts refactoring minor huffware
#349 change channel for huffotronic update client -- no open chat listening refactoring minor huffware
#350 code snippets learned from communication scripts -- http and xml serving task minor huffware
#352 we can fix zoid objects now refactoring minor eepaw-shop
#354 use backup storage on serene, but encrypt the contents stored there new-feature minor server-serene
#355 is there a way to do filesynch over ssh? new-feature minor feistymeow-octopus
#356 statistics really fudged up on all sites task minor
#358 eclipse needs definitions to build feisty meow properly bug minor feistymeow-nucleus
#360 stamp uva copyright and apache license on all imported files bug minor feistymeow-kona
#361 baseball card for sw assets idea revisited bug minor feistymeow-nucleus
#362 cat logo ideas for feisty meow bug minor
#364 feisty website missing github link bug minor
#365 fix up github and sourceforge sites bug minor
#366 link social nets bug minor
#367 try numbering steps in readme file bug minor feistymeow-kona
#368 even mo better approach for filesync bug minor feistymeow-octopus
#369 terrible performance of synch to this day bug minor feistymeow-kona
#370 still failing on maildir synch in serene backer bug minor feistymeow-octopus
#371 backup arbitrary script help is missing bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#372 backup arbitrary includes dot git.txt bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#373 fix play (bash function) in feisty bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#374 nechung with auto-sizing bug minor feistymeow-kona
#375 need separate script for mysql backuper bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#376 only rebuild bookmarx when change bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#378 reminder should have synopsis in email subject bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#379 auto depends putter onner for feisty bug minor feistymeow-kona
#380 feisty depends on source-highlight now bug minor feistymeow-kona
#381 also good to have binary search tree implementation bug minor feistymeow-kona
#382 app to use for security -- open whisper signal bug minor feistymeow-experimental
#383 big lacks in feisty bug minor feistymeow-kona
#384 ideal idea refix the config files that we use from feisty templates bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#385 mebbe code trees etc in feisty also bug minor feistymeow-kona
#386 nice to have linked list funcs bug minor feistymeow-kona
#387 only thing missing to make bundle a success bug minor feistymeow-kona
#388 visualization during make process bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#389 another note feisty products trash bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#390 iterators in feisty meow suck bug minor feistymeow-kona
#391 remove most shell out-calls in clam bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#392 usage in feisty meow of tmp must be fixed bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#393 add feisty tests in kona for gffs code bug minor feistymeow-kona
#394 analyze performance and size usage of my hash tables in feisty meow bug minor feistymeow-nucleus
#395 implement some shunit tests in feisty bug minor feistymeow-scripts
#396 technical debt to synch kona with gffs code bug minor feistymeow-kona
#397 write a consistent html tidbit for a go up go next set of structures for use on web pages bug minor feistymeow-kona
#398 bookmarks are not sorted within sections bug minor feistymeow-bookmarks
#399 add parameter for character to sep function bug minor feistymeow-scripts
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