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better source code publishing for huffware scripts

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it would be nicer to have the huffhines libraries in a simpler naming scheme.

we do strip the extra crap now, but the folders are all gone..?
or actually maybe we're only publishing the main huffotronic updater
payload instead of all the different types?

side issue:
can we present these files in a browser in a nice way with text formatting?

back to main point: we need nice looking code and filenames for that code...

best thing we can do is to take an IAR and turn it into the nice names
for the source code; this would drop second inventory out of the picture.
okay, using an IAR won't work. the damned thing doesn't seem to preserve
the actual file names! it's all about assets. how can that be missing
the filenames? they come back when you restore the iar??

ah, okay, the IAR has a list of object.xml files also. those define
everything about the asset's representation in the object, including the
super important thing of its name, and they have to be providing an asset
uuid also.

so we can use some xml wizardry to process out all the records of object
contents, if we can find the right object.xml,
and then from that list, we iterate across, make a new file of the
appropriate name in target dir, and copy in the lsl contents for
the asset.

good grief, isn't there code for this someplace already? like,
in other people's brains rather than needing it to be in feisty meow?

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