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script for reporting files in same dirs which are same name except case

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need script that reports files in same dirs which are same except case

this could be VERY useful for fixing new vegas screwups.

the script would take a particular directory (or dirs)
and find all the names in that directory which happen to be
identical when considered in case insensitive light.

this fixes a common problem when trying to do windows stuff
on linux, since windows is not case sensitive.

afterwards, another script could use the list of names
found by this guy and:

+ pile the files in the all lc name into the one that starts with capital letter (or is all UC).
+ complain if anything collided.
+ remove the lc name.
+ make a link from the cap first letter name to a new lc name.
+ bingo, done-o.

could also do reverse and make the lc name the default, but windows is ugly and the caps names are really expected by some people.

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