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cool physics test idea: breaking object

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for a test set of objects...?
add script to every object that listens to commands.

one command, shouted and echoed by all the objects?, would be:
go phys.

at that point, the object should

turn on physical (turn off random)
break all links

so that says we only need one per object, not per prim, which is nicer...

but the effect of that would be that you shout something like:

/24 gophys

and everything in the sim starts falling over, unless it's already
stable based on laws of physics...
which the servers don't seem to model well enough to keep one fat slab
on top of another fat slab,
so really everything will fall down...


this doesn't really seem like the kind of thing i want every place in the sim. it's more of a weird thing for a specific area, and it also needs a cleaning phase that will reassemble the physical objects?
or make them all go away and get respawned.

there's already a fairly good spawner tool object that could be used to set up the original area, kind of like those things that rez a whole room / house at once.

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