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technical debt to synch kona with gffs code

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we need to make sure the assets that were contributed from feisty to gffs
have the best versions for both.

and there are objects that we don't have access to in kona,
like timedoutlrulist, which is fricking great.
mark morgan gets most credit on that one, although i did add some methods.
also i think i fixed a bug or two?

to know my contributions to gffs and mark them appropriately in the feisty code,
what about comparing the old pre-saml codebase with the newest.
we only need to compare the classes that are in question.

check out the classes with helper in the name since i seemed to use that.

synch up whatever is in feisty already with the versions in the gffs.
some names got changed, so do a quick renaming on them, like the drag and drop stuff.

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