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write a consistent html tidbit for a go up go next set of structures for use on web pages

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Subject: write a consistent html tidbit for a "go up", "go next" set of structures for use on web pages

ah yes, server side includes is the key:

<!--#include virtual="insertthisfile.html" -->

we want a consistent way to do a "go up" or "go back" feature.

for our hierarchical pages, we definitely want a "jump up" feature that goes to the top level above whereever you are. only deploy that when there is a notion of a parent.

we could always offer a button that does a browser-level back button also, like "jump back in web history" or "pop this web page" or something.

and for things that are a nice series, why not a "go to next article" button.

all of these could be configurable and reusable assets.

they each have html structure, which will show some site / server wide picture.

they each have a target.

some have javascript for the target, like the "browser back" option.

want them to be discreetly available at the top and bottom of each page, so they should not have to reuse a lot of stuff.

those with a normal target can pass it as a parameter to some kind of sourced version of this code?

that would be the way to reuse these parts; establish a common place, like feisty meow, for coding stuff.

then rely the hell on it by including those things, but with the parameters filled in. is that even possible, to source a file but replace some of it with variables?

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