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#317 new bug

need raw blast mode in cromp

Reported by: Fred T. Hamster Owned by:
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Component: feistymeow-octopus Version:
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cromp system or octopus or whatever should even be able to handle completely
raw data, and transport it to different places.

this should be an accessible level of feature that can exist side by side with
cromp packets....
however, we can't mix the two things on same open channel or incoherence will
result at some point. even with checksums and sentinels, you're still going to
be spending a lot of time rooting through garbage if you get a raw packet before
your actual cromp packet.

so, it's kind of a jetty level issue....
would be nice if you could have a cromp server run inside of jetty.
but we need to be standalone also.

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