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#392 new bug

usage in feisty meow of tmp must be fixed

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we can't store tmp under our own folder.
what about nfs? yuck.

pattern often seen in cs dept at least; the tmp store is fast and local, the home space is not.

move the tmp folder to our styley thing:


and all will be well.

ahhhhh, except that the damned thing is wiped out on reboot.

so, that's not good for our files that we are hoping are a safe deletion repo in safedel; they'd be wiped
if the machine crashed.
so safedel shouldn't go there. can safedel get its own location as a dot file?

but all other junk stuff should be stored in the /tmp/fred place.

we also want to keep the aa_X files, which are counters for things.

so, it sounds like there are three types of "temp" storage:

1) expected stable store for safedel, protected against reboots, but ultimately easily whackable if ready.

2) expected stable store for counter files and other records (like the tmp transient log, which is a record,

but still we want it kept around).

3) non-stable volatile store which we don't care if we lose it in a minute or a year or sometime not under

our control. this gets the true junk: any temporaries or scratch files or crap that we really don't
care about.

so, maybe some useful names for these to gel the concept...?


ah, a nice realization about the feisty meow loading dock:
it is not stable for files placed in top-level; they go away.
but a new folder, crabparts, was left alone. i did recustomize and regenerate and such,
and it was still there.
so if we put a new folder in there called "records", it can be our feisty meow records folder.
still wants a symbolic name it seems. but this is nice.

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