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#11 fixed feisty meow is hosed for building with cygwin Fred T. Hamster Fred T. Hamster

in the old days we built with msys, but that is no longer sufficient. windows is too huge a ball of puke to deal with unless you have a good tool suite, such as unix. cygwin provides that, including crucial things like svn and git, so we're moving to that. however, stuff doesn't build yet with cygwin. a major problem is when cygwin doesn't interpose to translate paths from cygwinese to windows. like /cygdrive/c/blah. we've chosen to make all the feisty tools understand the retarded style of cygwin paths, but those changes are not complete yet. get this finished so a full build works on winders.

#6 fixed keep awake job busted Fred T. Hamster Fred T. Hamster

it's got a bad reference to something. fix it so we can use it to keep connections to frylock open.

#5 fixed change tunnels to use screen Fred T. Hamster Fred T. Hamster

then we can always connect to the session even if the originating shell has been closed.

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