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#75 wontfix config mgt -- splitting production folder Fred T. Hamster Fred T. Hamster


as the two pieces.

config has all the config stuff and stays in feisty meow production folder. output dir can be there, or it can be elsewhere, like ~/.tmp or something.

(from another note on this topic...)

the production dir should not always be where to put all the slop.

otherwise we fill up the nfs mount for uva accounts, etc.

should be able to locate this elsewhere.

simple approach, just make a link for production to someplace else?

better approach, have a way to specify a different production output.

#73 wontfix config mgt -- auto grab libraries needed Fred T. Hamster Fred T. Hamster

write a script that wgets the

openssl curl zlib

assets needed from the interwebs and puts them into a usable place in hoople area.

#18 fixed fix marks format again Fred T. Hamster Fred T. Hamster

the main link is a launcher now; have a [link] thing on the end with a non-javascript link as well.

then people can copy the link, or do whatever.

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